The Best Hiring Solution for Finding, Hiring, Onboarding and Managing Five-Star Employees

With 10,000 plus live customer sites across multiple service industries, no one understands how to find, hire, manage and train the best people like JobApp. Hiring is made significantly easier through JobApp's automated solution combining sourcing, selection, hiring, onboarding and advanced analytical tools. You can implement and utilize JobApp's entire talent management software suite, or modularize it by customer need.


How can JobApp's software help you find the best people?

  • Target/market to the Talent you need now
  • Cultivate a strong candidate pipeline
  • Effectively engage applicants
  • Utilize mobile and social capabilities
  • Improve hiring selection and time-to-fill metrics with background checks and assessments
  • Improve ROI on your recruiting spend


How does JobApp get new hires in the door, processed, and engaged ASAP?

  • Fully automated onboarding forms delivery
  • Alerts and tasks notify all staff
  • Schedule and configure work flows
  • Easily connect to payroll/HRMS


The right training, at the right time, for everyone in your company.

  • Train new hires pre day one
  • Ensure alignment of business goals
  • Communicate operational/HR priorities
  • Build/track skills development
  • Optimize constructive feedback

The 411 on the JobApp Applicant Sourcing Suite

Find ’em fast. Engage ’em from the get-go. Turn job seekers into engaged job candidates. And here are the keys to the castle.

JobApp Custom Marketing Kit

The patent-pending JobApp Dispenser® and Recruitment Cards supplement applicant flow, drive passive applicants and are available in bilingual formats. Learn more about the JobApp Dispenser®.

Vanity Toll-Free Number

JobApp provides a unique vanity toll-free number (e.g., 1-888-ABC-JOBS) as well as a matching website address (e.g., to direct applicants to your JobApp job site.

Spanish Language Portals

We can provide online and phone portals in Spanish.

The JobApp Interview Guide

If your organization uses any of JobApp’s position-specific assessments either off-the-shelf or customized), the system automatically generates an Interview Guide for each candidate it screens.

The JobApp Profile

The JobApp Profile goes far beyond collecting the standard data points. (You know what we mean: personal information, work history, education and references.) A JobApp Profile also provides three unique elements:

  1. Pre-Q — How well a candidate matches a particular posting, from available workdays to expected pay level to how many miles the applicant is willing to travel to work.
  2. Posi-Fit — “Position fitness” questions that relate to the specifics of a job, developed uniquely for each JobApp client.
  3. PredixStar — Based on the Pre-Q and Posi-Fit reports, a single-page summary that gives the hiring manager color-coded star rankings (one to five stars for each item). How else could our clients regularly cut hourly employee turnover by 20 to 40 percent simply by using JobApp?

JobApp Voice View

An embedded PDF file within the JobApp Profile lets the hiring manager click on the icon and actually hear the applicant, in their own voice, make their case for why they should get the job.


Automatically match your applicants to jobs that are closest to their homes and, based on your staffing priorities, automatically manage the distribution among multiple hiring locations.

Management Console

Get centralized oversight and management of what are essentially decentralized recruiting operations while enabling management in the field to control their own recruiting.

Dashboard and Maps

At-a-glance reports with local, regional and national views give powerful recruiting business intelligence to quickly evaluate recruiting needs. Tools include the JobApp Power Extension Pie Chart, which allows you to see which sourcing methods are working and where they are working.

Role-Based Security

You determine who has how much access to the system, from a single location or department to your entire enterprise.