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About JobApp's Recruiting and Talent Management Software

JobApp is the leading provider of Recruiting and Talent Management systems for hourly and decentralized employees in the service industry. JobApp’s cloud-based platform improves candidate sourcing, accelerates time-to-fill metrics, reduces turnover by 25-100%, delivers training and continuing education to employees and improves overall service quality. Our 200+ service industry clients would love to share their stories on the business benefits of our streamlined and fully automated hiring suite.

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Why JobApp

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    Convenience Stores need Convenient Staffing

    As a convenience-store operator, you know the value of good employees. JobApp's mobile and social capabilities allow you to target and market to the   Talent you need now!

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    Quick Serve demands even faster hiring solutions

    As a QSR operator, you know the average industry turnover is more than 150%. With JobApp's unique Posi-fit and Predixstar system, we can cut turnover by half while delivering better results!

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    Value-based assessment means more valuable employees

    JobApp’s performance rating system helps organizations efficiently and easily turn great hires into great employees from day one.

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    We engineer ‘simple’ into every click

    JobApp's elegant interface makes hiring and on-boarding new hires a snap.

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    Less turnover lets you turn the corner on profitability

    “In seven months, we hired almost 200 employees for our new manufacturing facility and have only lost two! This is unheard-of in the manufacturing environment.” 

    Human Resources Director, TPI Composites

Our Product

JobApp's Recruiting Application is enabled by our unique Position Fitness and Predixstar 5 Star candidate rating algorithm.  This capability allows recruiters and managers to spend more time vetting the best possible candidates for the best possible results. 

JobApp's streamlined Onboarding system and process gets new hires in the door, processed, and focused on your business goals ASAP. Before day one, new employees can get ramped up fast by accessing online forms and training via computer or smartphone/tablet.

JobApp understands that your unique goals, culture and policies need to be communicated so that your employees can deliver from day one. With JobApp Training and Performance Management, we insure that your staff knows what to do, and most importantly why and how to do it the right way.